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New Patients at O’Hara Family Chiropractic

O’Hara Family Chiropractic welcomes new patients of all ages and walks of life. Dr. Kevin is here to listen to your concerns, identify the underlying source of your symptoms, and get you out of pain as safely and quickly as possible. With his help, you can feel better and live more comfortably for years to come. Join our practice in one straightforward visit.

Preparing for Your Visit

Prior to your initial visit to our practice, we recommend completing your new patient paperwork. You can conveniently access these forms through our website and fill them out ahead of time. However, if your time is limited, you are welcome to complete your intake documents upon arrival.


Our Straightforward Process

As soon as you enter our practice, you will be warmly greeted by Dr. Kevin and prompted to complete any unfinished paperwork. Whether you come prepared with completed forms or choose to fill them out in-office, we are here to help facilitate a smooth onboarding process.

Your first appointment will begin with a thorough consultation with Dr. Kevin. Together, you will discuss your current concerns and review your health history. He will then conduct a brief non-invasive physical examination to better understand your condition. Once completed, Dr. Kevin will deliver your first chiropractic adjustment.

Before you leave, we will help you schedule your follow-up visit. As it is important to us to provide you with the care you desire, be sure to express any questions you have during this time.

We Value Your Time

Our practice values your time. We understand that our patients have busy lives. While your initial appointment will last between 30 and 45 minutes in duration, you can rest assured knowing all ongoing visits will be no longer than 15 minutes from start to finish.

Schedule Your Consultation

Our commitment to your time and wellness goals keeps high-quality, individualized care the priority. We want to get you in, help you feel better, and send you on your way to complete your daily activities with minimal disruption.

Why wait? We look forward to welcoming you to our practice. Insurance accepted. Same-day appointments are available, depending on your needs. Schedule your consultation today!


New Patients at O’Hara Family Chiropractic | (847) 577-3597